Rembo Styling Wedding Dress


Rembo Styling Wedding Dress. However , one small flaw to mention. Please make reference to one of the pictures that demonstrate back of the dress. I required a close-up picture from the back zipper which is damaged. This dress comes in Western wedding dress size 42 (US wedding dress size 12) if you are going to alter it to some smaller size, broken freezer should not be an issue since your seamstress need to detach the original zip anyway.

Beautiful relaxed bohemian designs, perfect for an informal or even destination wedding. The dresses incorporate romantic feminine outlines and soft lace turn.
With 150 years of encounter, Marylise & Rembo Style Group is a Belgian family members business in the truest feeling of the word. Marylise and also Rembo Fashion Group provide two distinguished brands: Marylise and Rembo Styling. Marylise is a more classical selection with a modern romantic contact, whereas Rembo Styling should be bohemian chic and much from ordinary. Since Sept 2015 Marylise & Rembo Styling Fashion Group provide a third high end brand for their audience: Marylise Couture Selection. The group is maintained an experienced team who keep track of the DNA of the organization and young people, aged since the target group of the selections, to ensure innovation thanks to dynamism, daring and above all creativeness.

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